Wellness and Vaccination Programs

One of the best things you can do for your pet is to keep him or her healthy. And one of the easiest and least expensive ways to do that is by bringing in your pet for regular exams and vaccinations. Dogs and cats (and other pets) age far faster than people, so significant changes in your pet’s health can happen in a short time. Wellness programs allow us to diagnose diseases and conditions early, when they’re easier to treat or manage. Often, we can help prevent diseases entirely, just by ensuring that your pet has received appropriate vaccinations and preventives. We recommend that healthy adult dogs and cats visit us once a year. Puppies, kittens, senior pets, and pets with health issues or illnesses need more frequent checkups. We’ll work with you to create an individualized wellness program, including a vaccination and prevention protocol customized specifically to your pet. Call us today to schedule your pet’s wellness exam.

  • Riggs

    Puppy Wellness

    New puppies are especially pampered patients at our clinic! When you arrive with your new pup, it is quite likely that he or she will be scooped up by one…

  • Snowflake

    Kitten Wellness

    New kittens receive special attention at our hospital. Cats are definitely not just small dogs, and it is important that they not be treated as such! It is quite likely…

  • Default Image

    Adult Pet Wellness

    As pets enter adulthood, we emphasize preventative healthcare. We encourage all pets, even if there are no apparent health concerns, to have an annual consultation with one of our veterinarians.…

  • SeniorPetWellness

    Senior Pet Wellness

    Once your pet enters their senior years (approximately 7-8 years of age) we recommend that they undergo a thorough senior wellness exam and diagnostic work-up. We recommend annual, or in…