Nutritional Counseling

Dogs and cats have various nutritional requirements depending on their age, breed and health status. The emphasis with nutritional counseling is on preventing disease and improving the quality and length of your pet's life. We are able to provide up to date information on select diets which are extensively researched and monitored, are of exceptional quality, and which contain unique ingredients. We will be able to help you make informed decisions regarding the choice of diet for your pet given their age, breed and health status. Once the appropriate diet has been selected, you will be given detailed information about the diet chosen including a specific feeding regimen. We can calculate down to the last morsel how much food your pet should be given per day. We can further advise you on appropriate treats to give as reward when your pet is being extra good. Regular weigh-ins and consults with a veterinary technician are always available and encouraged. We know first hand the quality of the diets we carry because our pets eat them every day!