Nutrition for All Ages!

Providing your pet with a high quality diet from day one goes along way to help ensure a long and healthy life. We offer a wide variety of specialty and therapeutic diets for all lifestages and disease conditions. Many of our diets are intended for longterm, maintenance feeding but are different from commercial diets as they can address specific health problems, such as food allergies and intolerances, skin disease, dental disease, joint disease, and obesity. It is very important to discuss with our vets or technicians which diet is appropriate for your pet, as not every diet is suitable for every individual. We also have special calorie-reduced treats that you can give to your pet without worry of weight gain and we also carry treats that help prevent gum disease.

The clinic also has other diets that are intended for use in specific disease conditions, such as kidney or liver disease, diabetes mellitus, and urinary tract disease. The use of these diets is monitored very closely by our veterinary staff and are not available to the general public.

Growing puppies and kittens have different nutritional needs than adult dogs and cats. There are a variety of pet foods available on the market. We can advise you on which brands will best meet your puppies and kittens growth requirements. Not all foods are created equal and not all foods are appropriate for all patients. For example, large breed dogs, such as labrador or golden retrievers, require different nutrient balance in their foods then smaller breeds, such as shih tzus and yorkies.

If we do not have a particular food on hand in the clinic, we are able to order many additional diets in order to meet the needs of you pet. Please ask our staff about veterinary diets – we are your best source of information regarding your pets’ nutrition!