Dermatology (Skin)

Dermatology refers to the study of the skin. Skin disease is a very common problem in dogs and cats, ranging from simple parasite infections to much more complicated disease processes. Diagnosing a skin problem in your pet may simply require an examination by a veterinarian; however, most skin problems require additional steps to accurately obtain a diagnosis. Additional diagnostic procedures may include blood tests, urinalysis, skin scraping, cytology, biopsy, or cultures (fungal or bacterial). Strict diet trials with hypoallergenic foods are sometimes recommended to diagnose food allergy as a cause of skin disease. Therapeutic options vary depending on the condition in each individual patient. Medications may include antibiotics, anti-parasitics, antifungals (medicated shampoos the most common), corticosteroids, omega fatty acids, or antihistamines.

You should contact us for an appointment if you notice any problems with your pet’s skin, such as excessive itchiness, loss of hair, and / or the presence of scabs or scale on the skin. Remember that we are your best source of information on the health of your pet’s skin and coat!