Kitten Wellness

New kittens receive special attention at our hospital. Cats are definitely not just small dogs, and it is important that they not be treated as such! It is quite likely that your new kitten will be passed around for all the staff to meet and admire! It is very important to us that our feline patients get to know us here at the clinic and feel comfortable with us from the start. Each new patient will receive a new toy to help them feel at ease. Most kittens will come to see us three times, with each visit being about 1 month apart. More time is set aside for you at your first visit as many new kitten owners have many health and training issues that they wish to discuss. In addition, our staff has important information that needs to be passed along to you. To help facilitate this, each new kitten owner will receive a comprehensive kitten kit which contains a wealth of helpful information.

At each visit, your kitten will receive a complete physical examination to identify any apparent health problems – any abnormalities will be thoroughly discussed with one of our veterinarians. Appropriate vaccinations will be administered and deworming will be performed, depending on the needs of the individual patient. We encourage new kitten owners to bring in a stool sample to help us ensure that we are adequately treating parasites. We also routinely check each kitten for the Feline Leukemia virus by performing a simple blood test. We also spend the time reviewing procedures such as nail trimming at these early visits to ensure owners are comfortable performing this task at home. Time is also set aside to discuss surgical procedures such as spaying, neutering, and declawing.

Feel free to ask any questions while you are here. Remember, we are your best source of information with respect to your kittens’ health and development and we are dedicated to getting them off to a healthy start!