Puppy Wellness

New puppies are especially pampered patients at our clinic! When you arrive with your new pup, it is quite likely that he or she will be scooped up by one of the staff members and passed around for all to see (even our clinic cat O’Malley). It is very important to us that your pup feels comfortable in our clinic from day one, and we encourage the pups to be social and interactive. Each pup is allowed to choose a toy from our treasure chest to help them feel at home! In most cases, puppies visit us three times, with each visit being about 1 month apart. For your initial visit, we will spend extra time with you, as there are many important health and behavioural issues to discuss. Our conversations are guided not only by your questions and concerns, but also by a comprehensive puppy kit that each new puppy owner receives.

At each visit, pups will undergo a full physical examination to ensure that there are no apparent health problems – we give each pup a good check from top to bottom! Any problems that are identified will be thoroughly discussed. Appropriate vaccinations will be administered and deworming protocols will be recommended, based on the needs of the individual patient. We also send a sample of stool to a diagnostic laboratory service for a microscopic examination on all new pups to ensure adequate parasite control. In addition, we will set aside time to discuss spaying, neutering, and other elective procedures that your pup may require in their first year.

During these visits, we really encourage you to ask questions. Remember, we are your best resource for information with respect to your puppys’ health and development and we are dedicated to getting them off to a healthy start!