Eye problems are common complaints among our canine and feline patients. Pets can suffer from conjunctivitis (an irritation or inflammation of the conjunctiva which is the covering that lines the inside of the eyelids), keratitis (inflammation and ulceration of the cornea), prolapse of the third eyelid structures, degeneration of the retina, glaucoma and many other conditions.

There are specific tests that our veterinarians can perform to more accurate define an eye problem, depending on the individual patient. We fully examine each eye and evaluate pupil size and response to light, and look for any signs of inflammation. We can evaluate tear production using Shirmer test strips, we can look for corneal ulcers or scratches with fluoroscein dye, and we can analyze intraocular eye pressure using a tonometer. These tests allow us to better diagnose conditions and focus our therapy accordingly. In some cases, referral to a veterinary ophthalmologist is recommended for more advanced diagnostic and treatment options.

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